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Anti-slip Working Line

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Anti-slip Working Line

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A rope for work made of rubberized tape without a handle has been designed for training large, strong service dogs. Made by hand from a specially rubberized tape that makes it easier to guide the dog. It does not slip in the hand and thus guarantees a secure grip. Perfect for training, patrol and combat applications. Tested and approved by professional dog trainers.

It comes in two sizes:

  • length 5.0m; width 2.0 cm
  • length 10.0 m width 2.0 cm



Characteristics of the line made of rubberized tape:

  • - specially rubberized tape
  • - the line does not slip in the hand
  • -guarantees a secure grip
  • -connected elements sewn with very strong threads
  • - corrosion-resistant chrome fittings, ensure durability and safety of use
  • -parameters:
Index Color Length Width Thickness
S03620 black 10.5m 2.0cm; 0.3 cm 0.4 kg
S03619 black 5.0m 2.0cm; 0.3 cm 0.3 kg


Purpose of the rope for the dog:

  • -training large dogs
  • -training, patrol and combat operations
  • - learning to drive a German shepherd dog


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno "Dingo" Sp. z o. o. in Poland.