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The ultimate in helper protection and mobility. Take a closer look at the Dingo Gear FULL-BITE Suit

  • The Highest Quality Material

    Dingo Gear training clothes for full-body biters have been prepared for the needs of trainers, helper and other dog trainers. They are made of thick nylcot (French material) to provide the user with effective protection against the hardest biters.

  • Excellent mobility while providing full-body protection

    The jacket and pants are made of strong and thick nylcot (French Linen), which helps to protect the helper from the most powerful of biters, but also along with it excellent design, gives the helper optimum freedom in mobility.


Product Focus

The Dingo Gear FULL- BITE Suits in Action with Spartakus K-9 Training in Europe

When training K9 , biting and other mock situations in which the dog is to stop the attacker by attacking or immobilizing, the protective suit works 100% , as evidenced by the training conducted by Leos Drbohlav with the use of our equipment.


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