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Dingo Gear FULL-BITE Suit

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Dingo Gear FULL-BITE Suit

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As this is a product that is specially ordered, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Especially with the needs of trainers, helper, and other dog trainers in mind, we have created Dingo Gear training clothes for full-body bites. It is made of thick nylcot (French material) to provide the user with effective protection against bites.

What is important in dog training and training is the helper's ability to move freely. Despite the thickness of the material, the exercise suit allows you to bend your limbs or run thanks to the slim fit. It is so stiff and durable that it creates a protective shield on the body, and at the same time allows you to maintain the dynamics of movement.

When training K9, biting, and other mock situations in which the dog is to stop the attacker by attacking or immobilizing, the protective suit works 100%, as evidenced by the training conducted by Leos Drbohlav with the use of our equipment.

After placing an order for specialized equipment to protect against dog bites, the waiting time for its implementation is up to two weeks. There is a possibility of free personalization of the outfit by embroidering any logo on the back of the jacket, eg "border guard". In the case of personalized orders, the deadline for the implementation of the equipment is three weeks from the moment the ordering party delivers the file with the graphic design.

As this is a special order it will take approx. 4-6 weeks. Each garment comes with its own carry bag and authenticity certificate. This suit is hand-made in Poland by Dingo Gear.

Clothes for training with dogs are available in three sizes: L, XL, XXL

and colors: Blue & Black, Red & Black, and Orange & Black

Size and parameter table:

Index S01070 S01073 S01076
Inner leg length 75cm 80cm 85cm
Waist 86-98cm 92-104cm 98-110cm
Height  170-176cm 176-182cm 182-188cm
Thickness 8cm 8cm 8cm

If the standard sizes do not meet fitting requirements, we will make training clothes in accordance with the guidelines provided by the customer. The price does not change then.


We provide a one-year warranty on the dog training suit.

During the warranty period, Dingo Gear will bear the cost of all repairs and transport from and to the customer.

We provide post-warranty service.


Each training garment handcrafted by Dingo Gear has a certificate of quality and originality as well as the original number.


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno Dingo Sp. z o. o. in Poland.


Please note that it can be dangerous to use our training clothes to test your dog's biting skills during training and other tasks. Even a professional protective suit does not fully protect against possible injury, but it certainly reduces the risk of injury or the size of the injury compared to if a dog's performance was tested without the use of protection. Training attire should never be used by novice trainers and/or persons without proper dog experience as this may carry a risk of very serious injuries. Incorrect use of the product may result in wounds and other injuries.