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Dingo Gear Bungee Back Line

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Dingo Gear Bungee Back Line

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The 2.0 m long shock absorber stretching to 80 cm is used as an aid in training K9 defense dogs. Reliable and essential in the training of any working dog, it helps build impact, confidence, and grip strength. The shock absorber is made of rubber expanders covered with a fabric cover, connected, and ended with metal semicircles and shackles. Tested and approved by professional dog training trainers. They guarantee the safety of the dog and the helper during exercise.  

It comes in three options:

  • SOFT
  • HARD


Characteristics of a dog shock absorber:

  • rubber expanders
  • fabric cover
  • super strong
  • two metal semicircles
  • two metal shackles
  • parameters:


Index Type Length Libra
S03640 SOFT 2.0m 0.3 kg
S03637 MEDIUM 2.0m 0.3 kg
S03638 HARD 2.0m 0.3 kg


Purpose of the shock absorber:

  • training large, strong dogs
  • reliable and indispensable in the training of every defense dog
  • work on the strike as well as the certainty and strength of the dog's grip
  • training K9


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno "Dingo" Sp. z o. o. in Poland.