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Dingo Gear Bite Pad - French Linen

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Dingo Gear Bite Pad - French Linen

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The MEDIUM bite wedge, soft, made of French material (nylon), is intended for teaching puppies and very young dogs in bite development. The French material (nylcot) from which the teether is made guarantees durability of use. This material is used to sew clothes to chew completely. Equipped with an additional handle that allows you to attach a leash or a rope to the bite pad wedge. We made it by hand with attention to every detail, because we know how important the strength of the wedge is during training.

The bite wedge is not intended for independent play by the dog. 

Characteristics of the medium wedge:

  • -Medium-sized, soft and flat bite wedge
  • -French-nylcot material (used to sew clothes to chew completely) guarantees the durability of use
  • -The specificity of the French material (nylcot) encourages the dog to bite
  • -Has three handles for the trainer
  • -Grips made of a wide and soft tape reinforced with rubber provide confidence and comfort in holding the teether
  • -Solid and strong stitching guarantee high durability
  • -Parameters:


Index Color
Weight Length Width Thickness
S00526 black  0.8 kg  30cm 22cm  10cm
S00527 red  0.8kg  30cm 22cm  10cm


Purpose of the nylon wedge:

  • -Perfecting the dog's full grip
  • -Teaching to do bite work
  • -Used as a retrieving tool
  • -An additional handle allows you to attach a leash or a line to the teether and increases the range of use
  • -Training: IGP
  • -K9 training