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Dingo Gear JACK Sleeve

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Dingo Gear JACK Sleeve

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JACK training short sleeve made of French fabric (material used to sew clothes to chew completely), designed for training and training dogs. Tested and approved by professional dog trainers in the K9 and IGP ranges. Reliable quality and perfection of workmanship allow to obtain one hundred percent satisfaction of the user and guarantee safety for the dog and the helper. Our sleeves are hand-made with great care because we know how important their durability is during training. The sleeve is universal because it fits the right and left hands.

French fabric jack sleeves come in two colors: black and red.

Training sleeve characteristics:

  • French fabric - nylcot (fabric used to sew clothes to chew completely)
  • suitable medium hardness
  • solid handle
  • contoured teether of the right thickness
  • no metal or plastic elements which ensures full safety
  • the specificity of the French material (nylcot) encourages the dog to bite
  • appropriate internal reinforcements and sleeve lining
  • handle made of a wide and soft tape reinforced with rubber provides certainty and comfort in holding the sleeve
  • strap handle makes it easy to carry the sleeve
  • parameters:


Index Color Libra Length Width Thickness
S00532 black 1.3 kg 62cm 23cm 13cm
S00534 Red 1.3 kg 62cm 23cm 13cm


The purpose of the sleeve for the helper is made of French fabric (nylcot):

  • learning to bite dogs
  • training the correct grip of the dog
  • perfecting the dog's full grip
  • IGP workouts
  • training K9


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno "Dingo" Sp. z o. o. Poland.