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Dingo Gear JUTE/PLASTIC Hard Sleeve Cover

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Dingo Gear JUTE/PLASTIC Hard Sleeve Cover

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A hard jute overlay with a thick weave with sewn-on plastics is put on training sleeves used for training adult dogs. It has high resistance to damage during training and determines the place of biting. Used by helper in various training centers in Europe. We made it by hand with great care to ensure the possibility of effective training for years.


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 Jute overlay characteristics:

  • -Jute thanks to its properties allows the dog to dig deeply with its teeth without the risk of damage
  • -Jute reinforced with polypropylene guarantees durability of use
  • -Plastics placed on the overlay correct the place where the dog bites
  • -Appropriate softness and weight
  • -No metal and plastic elements that ensure full safety
  • -In the middle, the overlay is lined with a polyester lining, which greatly facilitates its application
  • -The handle is made of a wide and soft rubber-reinforced tape ensures certainty and comfort of holding the sleeve with the overlay attached
  • -Loops for attachment on the sleeve
  • -Parameters:


Index Weight Length Width Thickness
S00611  1.6 kg 59cm 31cm 9cm


Purpose of the sleeve cover:

  • -Grip training in dogs
  • -Enhance bite targeting
  • -Used both for learning to bite and during competitions or exams
  • -Guarantees safety for the dog and the helper
  • -Possibility to enrich training methods


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno "Dingo" Sp. z o. o. in Poland.