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Dingo Gear - LEG Sleeve Long/Medium

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Dingo Gear - LEG Sleeve Long/Medium

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MEDIUM long training leg made of French material (nylon) designed for learning and perfecting biting training. Used as a teether to protect the leg while working with the dog. The materials used to cushion the attacks of the attacking dog, and the Velcro fastening system allows the trouser legs to be quickly unfastened. The leg guarantees safety for the dog and the helper.

Tested and approved by dog ​​training professionals. Recommended by Leos Drbohlav, an experienced trainer working in the USA.

Reliable quality and perfection of workmanship allow obtaining one hundred percent user satisfaction. We made it by hand with attention to every detail, because we know how important the durability of the equipment is during training.

Purpose of the leg for the helper:

  • -Learning to bite
  • -Training the correct grip of the dog
  • -Perfecting the dog's full grip
  • -Fits right and left leg
  • -Training of K9 dogs, working and sports
  • -Working with a dog in Mondioring
  • -Training in the rings: French, Belgian 

Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno Dingo Sp. z o. o. in Poland.