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Dingo Gear - MINI ARM Sleeve / SOFT

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Dingo Gear - MINI ARM Sleeve / SOFT

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The MINI SOFT outer sleeve for the helper is made of French material (nylcoat) is designed for training puppies and young dogs. As a sports sleeve, it can develop instincts and form a dog's grip. In turn, as a training sleeve, it is ideal for learning to bite and working on the correct grip. Made of French material (used to sew clothes for full chewing) encourages the dog to bite and guarantees use. Fits the right and left hand. The handle inside the sleeve allows for its proper positioning in the helper's hand. High-quality and hand-made sleeve ensure effective use for years.

The sleeve is available in two colors: black and blue. 

Characteristics of the MINI SOFT outer sleeve:

  • - French-nylcot fabric (used to sew clothes for full biting)
  • - appropriate hardness
  •  -handle inside the sleeve
  • - proper thickness of the teether
  • - appropriate internal reinforcements and sleeve padding
  • - the lack of metal and plastic elements ensures full safety
  • - a handle made of tape makes it easy to carry the sleeve
  • -parameters:



Index Color Libra Length Width Thickness
S01961 black 0,5 kg 43cm 20cm 10cm
S01962 blue 0,5 kg 43cm 20cm 10cm


The purpose of the outer sleeve made of French material (nylcot):

  • - training puppies and young dogs
  • - learning how to bite dogs
  • - training the correct grip of the dog
  • - perfecting the dog's full grip
  • -K9,
  • - IGP training


Made by hand on behalf of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjny "Dingo" Sp. z o. o. Poland.