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Dingo Gear - ROCKY Sleeve

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Dingo Gear - ROCKY Sleeve

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The super durable ROCKY protective sleeve is the strongest sleeve in the Dingo Gear collection designed for training very strong adult dogs. This sleeve has a wide and strong bite bar specially designed for training strong adult dogs. The lightness and strength of the structure give you complete satisfaction in work.

Tested and approved by professional dog trainers in Europe. Taking into account the expectations of the helper, we made it by hand with particular care. Because reliable quality and excellence of workmanship allow obtaining 100% user satisfaction.

Characteristics of the profiled protective sleeve for the helper: 

  • -Complete hand protection - protects the helper's arm and forearm
  • -Arm cover made of flexible polypropylene connected to the sleeve
  • - Equipped with a cushion that absorbs shocks from a dog
  • -Leather strap designed to attach the sleeve overlay
  • -A tube with a diameter of 12 cm is made of plastic covered with microfiber
  • -Specially shaped deep teether to improve the dog's grip
  • -Perfectly absorbs the impact force and is perfectly suited to the pressure and angle of biting (minimizing the risk of the dog's jaw dislocating)
  • -Flexibility makes it easier for the dog to achieve a natural bite reflex (fixation)
  • -Appropriate internal reinforcements and sleeve lining
  • -There is a sturdy handle inside
  • -A tape handle sewn along the entire length of the sleeve makes it easier to support it during work
  • -Guarantees safety for the dog and the helper
  • -Light construction
  • -Black color

Warning  Sleeves are not intended to be used without a protective sleeve cover.