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Dingo Gear Tug 2x6in One Handle

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Dingo Gear Tug 2x6in One Handle

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Dingo Gear Tug made with a French material (nylcot) with one handle measuring 5x15 cm is intended for training and shaping the desired behavior in dogs . We made it by hand with attention to every detail, because we know how important the strength of the tug is. The French material (nylcot) from which the tug is made is very durable (the same material is used to make full protection bite suits, eg for training service dogs). It can be used for many hours of training.

The tug is not intended for independent play by the dog.

Index Color Weight Length Width Thickness
S00060 blue +/- 100grams 15cm 5cm  4cm
S00072 black +/- 100grams 15cm 5cm  4cm
S00081 Orange +/- 100grams 15cm 5cm  4cm


Purpose of the tug for the dog:

  • -Learning to bite dogs
  • -Used as a fetching object
  • -Training the correct grip of the dog
  • -K9 training
  • - IGP training
  • -Obedience training

All tugs are meant to be used as a training tool and NOT as a "chew" toy.