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Dingo Gear WOLF Training Sleeve

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Dingo Gear WOLF Training Sleeve

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The WOLF jute training sleeve - medium is a durable and extremely functional product, the purpose of which is to provide dogs with the best training quality. The Wolf sleeve is the perfect solution for breeders, trainers and all those who want to provide their charges with proper development and the opportunity to improve defensive skills.

 The Wolf sleeve is an essential tool for anyone who cares about the development and improvement of a dog's defensive skills.

The product is available in two types of hardness: soft and medium.

Characteristics of the lightweight jute sleeve for the helper:

  • strong and reliable construction
  • the right softness and weight
  • solid ergonomic grip inside the sleeve
  • internal reinforcement with a special non-woven fabric and sleeve lining provides hand protection
  • profiled teether of the right thickness
  • fits right and left hand
  • strong seams
  • finished with a durable piping
  • lack of metal and plastic elements, which ensures full safety
  • a special jute weave combined with polypropylene guarantees durability and encourages chewing
  • parameters:

Index Weight Lenght Widht Height
S00561 1,5kg 57cm  27cm 15cm


Purpose of the training sleeve for the helper:

  • learning to bite
  • training the correct grip of the dog
  • perfecting the dog's full grip
  • IGP training
  • K9 training


Made by hand on behalf of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjny Dingo Sp. z o. o. in Poland.