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Dingo Gizmo Bite Wedge Jute

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Dingo Gizmo Bite Wedge Jute

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GIZMO bite wedge made of a friendly material such as jute with the addition of polypropylene. Designed to work on the correct grip of the dog and learn to bite. It helps to develop instincts and form the grip of the quadruped. Used by trainers to train puppies, young and adult dogs. It is resistant to biting, dirt, and has a high modulus of elasticity. Handcrafted with great attention to every detail to make it safe for the dog and the helper. Suitable for both right and left hand.

The bite wedge is not intended for independent play by the dog.

Characteristics of the wedge model:

  • -Material: polypropylene reinforced jute
  • -Guarantees the stability of work
  • -Contoured teether with the correct thickness
  • -Excellent jute with the addition of polypropylene guarantees durability of use
  • -Jute thanks to its properties allows the dog to dig deeply with its teeth without the risk of damage
  • -Has three handles for the trainer
  • -No metal and plastic elements ensure full safety
  • -Solid and strong stitching guarantee high durability
  • -Adequate internal reinforcements and padding of the teether wedge
  • -Parameters:
Index Weight Length Width Height
S00516 1.5 kg   41cm 24cm 13cm


Purpose of the jute bite wedge:

  • -Learning to bite dogs
  • -Training the correct grip of the dog
  • -Perfecting the dog's full grip
  • -Developing the biting instinct
  • -Three handles allow you to diversify your training
  • -IGP training
  • -K9 training
  • -Ring sports