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Dingo Gear Tug 3x11in One Handle

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Dingo Gear Tug 3x11in One Handle

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The French material (nylcot) from which the tug is made is very durable. The same material is used to produce full protection bite suits, e.g. for training service dogs, thanks to which they will be used for many hours of training and games. Because we know how important the strength of the tug is, we took care of every detail, producing it precisely, by hand.

Characteristics of the tug for a dog:

  • -Resistant French material (nylcot) is a guarantee of durability
  • -The specificity of the French material (nylcot) encourages the dog to bite
  • -Solid and strong stitching guarantee high durability
  • -Handles made of a wide and soft tape provide great comfort to hold the tug
  • -Parameters:
Index Color Weight Length Width Thickness
S00063 blue +/- 200gram 28cm 7cm 5cm
S00074 black +/- 200gram 28cm 7cm 5cm
S00083 orange +/- 200gram 28cm 7cm 5cm


Intended use of the tug made of French material:

  • -Learning to bite dogs
  • -Training the correct grip of the dog
  •  -Used as a fetching tool

All tugs are meant to be used as a training tool and NOT as a "chew" toy.