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Jogging Belt and Leash with Shock Absorber Set

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Jogging Belt and Leash with Shock Absorber Set

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Make walks with your dog pleasant and comfortable! You will need a running kit featuring a runner's belt, and lanyard with shock absorber!

The running belt and leash set with shock absorber is a product for jogging or walking the dog. Its biggest advantage is that you don't have to hold the leash in your hand - just clip the dog on and your hands are free!

In addition, the leash is cushioned, making sudden jerks less noticeable. It has carabiners on both sides - one for attaching a belt, the other for attaching a dog. The leash has a handle to hold your pet, which will be useful when walking through crowded places, or in any situation when your friend needs to be close to you!

The length of the leash is adjustable with a convenient zipper. The hip belt is also adjustable from approximately 70 to 130 cm. The reflective element will make you visible and safe. Thanks to the soft and breathable polypropylene fiber lining, the use of the belt will be comfortable!

Characteristics of the dog running set:

  • lanyard with two carabiners,
  • comfortable handle in a leash,
  • solid and durable shock absorber,
  • fast and easy fastening of the belt and lanyard,
  • soft and breathable lining,
  • reflective elements,
  • wide range of belt adjustments,
  • machine washable at low temperatures.


The dog running kit is available in one color: black.

Available sizes of the dog running kit:

Size: Belt Adjustment: Belt Width: Lanyard Width: Lanyard Length:
S / M 70 - 130 cm 2.5 cm 2.0 cm 120 - 150 cm
L / XL 70 - 130 cm 3 cm 2.5 cm 120 - 150 cm