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LEO-1 Standard & Reinforced Hidden Sleeve

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LEO-1 Standard & Reinforced Hidden Sleeve

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The Leo 1 sleeve, standard from the Civil line, is a product made of the highest quality materials to be worn under the clothes by an impostor.

The kit was tested by Leos-Drbohlav and obtained its recommendations.DG S00510 S00511 S00512 S00513 recommendation from Leos

A hidden, standard sleeve is one of the necessary equipment for every trainer working in police units, the army, special services, guards, prison services, K9 clubs, etc.

The main difference between the hidden sleeve and the outer sleeve is that the former is used to test that the dog will actually bite someone wearing civilian clothes, while the outer sleeve is visible and therefore does not have such use. Thanks to their intended use, the hidden sleeves received the name of the series - Civil.

The protective layer is put under the clothes, which helps to create a real situation in the alien human-dog relationship during training. This is important because many trained dogs only bite people who wear visible outer sleeves.

The product fits both left and right hands.

Please note that it can be dangerous to use a concealed sleeve to test a dog's biting abilities. Even professional equipment does not fully protect against possible injuries, but it does reduce the risk of injury. In addition, in the event of wounds, it reduces their size compared to if the dog was checked for biting without protection. The sleeve should never be used by novice trainers and/or people without proper dog experience, as this may carry a risk of very serious injuries. There will be serious consequences in the form of wounds and other injuries if the product is not used properly.

We made the training accessories by hand, paying attention to the smallest details so that users would get more protection during exercise. 

Characteristics of a hidden sleeve for a helper:

  • -Durable French material - nylcot (the same material used in the construction of our protection bite suits) guarantees the durability of use
  • -Puts on and conceal under ordinary clothes
  • -Fitted with adjustable thickness by lacing
  • -Protects the helper's arm and forearm
  • -Free bend at the elbow (leather insert)
  • -The outer shell is enhanced by stitches that create a quilted surface
  • -Flexible
  • -Additional internal reinforcement and sleeve lining
  • -Neoprene cuff at the end of the sleeve prevents it from slipping out of your hand
  • -Parameters:

 LEO 1 STANDARD Hidden Sleeves

Index Color Length Height Width Weight
S00511 Black  66 cm  7 cm  21 cm  1.1 kg
S00510 Blue  66 cm 7 cm  21 cm 1.1 kg


LEO 1 REINFORCED Hidden Sleeves 

Index Color Length Height Width Weight
 S00513 Black  66 cm  7 cm  21 cm  1.1 kg
 S00512 Blue  66 cm 7 cm  21 cm 1.1 kg

Purpose of the protective sleeve hidden for the helper:

  • -Training dogs in the police, army, special units, guards, etc.
  • -Checking the dog's biting skills in real situations
  • -Developing the dog's ability to attack, stop or defend himself
  • -TrainingK9


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno Dingo Sp. z o. o. in Poland.