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Neoprene Arm Gauntlet

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Neoprene Arm Gauntlet

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Hand protection for decoy is made of 5mm thick NEOPRENE. The material adapts to the hand, which allows you to disperse the impact of the dog during an attack. 

Neoprene - a trade name for synthetic rubber (belonging to the American chemical concern DuPont since 1931), which is a stretchy material that adapts to the shape of the object. It protects against mechanical damage and provides thermal protection limiting the impact of high and low temperatures. 

NEOPRENE protection is used during k9 training, IGP, ring sports or with service dogs to ensure the safety of the decoy. Fits both right and left hands. We made it by hand with high accuracy so that it can be used for years of practice.


Hand protection characteristics for decoy:

  • used material - NEOPRENE
  • black colour
  • fits right and left hand
  • adapts to the hand
  • trimmed with trim
  • all finishes have double stitching which guarantees durability
  • parameters:
Index Lenght Widht Thickness Weight
S02010 55cm

arm: 17cm

forearm: 14cm

 0,5cm 280gram


Purpose of hand protection for decoy:

  • dog defense training
  • IGP training
  • ring sports
  • k9 training


Handmade in Poland by Dingo