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Reinforced Leather Muzzle

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Reinforced Leather Muzzle

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The leather muzzle is intended for dogs working in the service, defense, and training K9. We handcrafted it from high-quality leather to make it durable. It is very friendly to pets considering its lightness and simplicity of execution. The dog is not restrained and is free to open its mouth. Openings on the entire surface and additional ones at the nose allow full ventilation. The muzzle is adjustable on two surfaces and has a HERM SPRENGER buckle for quick removal. Recommended by service dog guides.

Characteristics of a muzzle for a dog:

  • made of high-quality leather
  • reinforced with a strong steel insert
  • the individual parts are fixed with rivets to prevent the muzzle from tearing apart
  • the dog is not embarrassed and is free to open its mouth
  • holes on the entire surface of the muzzle and additional holes at the nose allow full ventilation
  • the reinforcement of the rear part of the muzzle basket prevents it from bending or folding up and stabilizes it in the correct position on the dog's muzzle
  • the muzzle is adjustable in two areas
  • has an HS SPRENGER buckle for quick removal
  • the sliding protection of the buckle prevents it from being unfastened automatically
  • riveting and double stitching of the muzzle are a guarantee of its durability


We approximate the breeds of dogs that can be fitted with muzzles:

Index Number Max. circumference of the muzzle Max. the length of the mouth Suggested dog breeds
S03030 No. 1 31.8 cm 9.5 cm malinois - female dog
S03031 No. 2 34.6 cm 9 cm malinois - dog, German shepherd - female dog
S03032 No. 3 39.6 cm 10 cm German Shepherd Dog


How to choose the size of the muzzle?

In order to correctly choose the size of the muzzle, you should know the length and circumference of the dog's muzzle, measuring at the widest point, i.e. close to the eyes. You need to add about 1- 1.5 cm to each size, so that the dog can breathe freely in its muzzle. The straps around the head are adjustable. The muzzle must not be too loose or too tight as it will cause chafing. The table above shows the dimensions of the muzzle basket. 


Manufactured by hand at the request of Dingo Gear in Zakład Produkcyjno "Dingo" Sp. z o. o. Poland.