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Rope Tracking Line

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Rope Tracking Line

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Polypropylene work ropes without handles are suitable for daily IGP training or service dog activities. They are resistant to atmospheric influences such as: UV radiation, high and low temperatures, water. Chrome-plated fittings do not corrode and ensure durability and safety of use. Recommended by professional dog trainers, e.g. on a track.

Characteristics of the dog rope:

  • -Polypropylene rope
  • -Water-resistant
  • -Floating on water
  • -Zero water absorption
  • -Does not lose its physical properties
  • -Good resistance in a chemically active environment
  • -Strength and resistance to UV radiation
  • -Chrome fittings
  • -Parameters: 
Index Color Weight Length Section
S03630 yellow-black 0.2 kg 10.5m # 6mm
S03631 green-black 0.2 kg 10.5m # 6mm
S03632 red-black 0.2 kg 10.5m # 6mm