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Wooden IGP Dumbbells

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Wooden IGP Dumbbells

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Wooden dumbbells are used in games that prepare the dog to take part in competitions, exams, and competitions such as Obedience, IGP. In the presented models, all parts are glued and the bar is made of beech, which is very durable and resistant to biting. The shape and dimensions allow the dog to grip securely *.

* our products are intended for play and training with the assistance of a handler, do not leave them for your dog to chew on *

 The contribution is available in three versions:

  • 650gram
  • 1000grams
  • 2000gram

Characteristics of a glued contribution:

  • -Solid material
  • -Resistant to biting
  • -Dumbbell made of beech wood
  • -All parts of the model are glued
  • -Not varnished
  • -Parameters:
S02516 650g 21cm 12cm 12cm
S02517 1000g 27cm 12.5cm 12.5cm
S02518 2000g 43cm 12.5cm 12.5cm


Purpose of the contribution:

  • -Fun
  • -Training
  • -Retrieving
  • -Competition: Obedience
  • -IGP training